We will:

  • engage in using several technologies to support the use of active learning strategies;

  • access a resource list of active learning strategies and the research behind them;

  • explore alternative tools to meet varied needs of students, teachers, and technology infrastructures;

  • assess our understanding of the concepts.


  • This is a BYOL session---we're all here for active engagement, both in the room and online. Jump in and try something. This is not a spectator sport!

  • We'll model tech-enhanced active learning strategies throughout the session.

  • Presentation will follow wiki pages. If you get lost or want to linger on a page, use left side navigation links to find us again.

  • Don't worry if you can't try every single strategy. The wiki is forever. In fact, after the session, we'll unlock the pages and hope everyone will contribute more to the wiki. Jump back aboard at the next strategy

  • We love exit cards. Ours is at the end. But if you have to leave early, it's okay to jump ahead. We'd still love your feedback.